R&D Innovation

Bozhon has currently laid out eight laboratories: semiconductor packaging process laboratory, electron beam precision control laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability laboratory, industrial control standardization laboratory, opto-mechanical integration laboratory, new light source laboratory, ultra-precision machining laboratory, new energy laser equipment laboratory.
The laboratories own over 100 sets of R&D experimental equipment, mainly focusing on advanced technologies in the field of manufacturing intelligent equipment industry, reflecting the research characteristics of "high speed and high precision", "flexibility and intelligence". The laser laboratory is equipped with 250~6000W lasers to meet the requirements of laser verification of lithium equipment (laser die-cutting, adapter welding, top cover welding, sealing nail welding, etc.), and is also equipped with metallographic polishing machine, microscope, tensile tester, etc. to calibrate the welding quality and provide strong technical support for the research and development of lithium equipment.

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