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Three More Doctors Joined BOZHON Postdoctoral Workstation

Date: 2023/05/10 Views: 1299

May 9 saw the opening report conference on the joint cultivation of postdoctors by BOZHON Postdoctoral Workstation in partnership with the postdoctoral workstation of Soochow University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and China University of Mining and Technology at BOZHON S & T Park. The activity was attended by the following personnel online and offline: Yong Hong, the section manager of the Development Office of Wujiang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Chen Chen, the section manager of the Talent Office of Personnel Organization and Social Security Bureau of Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone; Professor Wang Chuanyang, adviser of workstation in Soochow University, Professor Wang Xianhui, adviser of workstation in Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Professor Yin Shiping, adviser of workstation in China University of Mining and Technology; Ding Xu from the Human Resources Center of BOZHON, Tian Lizhi from the Technology Innovation Center, Jiang Yantao, technical expert from Digital Energy Center, Liang Jing, technical expert of BOZHON Instrument, Doctor Meng Jian, Doctor Li Wansong and Doctor Li Fangshuo, the advisors of Postdoctoral Workstation, as well as Doctor Qiao Haiyu, Doctor Wang Mingyu, Doctor Li Fangshuo, the research fellows of the Postdoctoral Workstation, etc.

At the conference, Ding Xu, from BOZHON, delivered a welcome speech and said “BOZHON will try its best to provide assistance and support for the three doctors. We also hope the three doctors could develop and research more achievements to make greater contribution to the development of BOZHON and even to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry while working there.”

On behalf of advisors from colleges and universities, Professor Wang Xianhui pointed that “the talent cultivation modes are different in enterprises and schools. Schools focus on paper writing and patent application as well as theories; enterprises highlight talent cultivation and compliance with industry need. In other words, enterprises focus on practicality. I hope that, in the near future, colleges and universities could work together with enterprises closely to jointly cultivate more high-end talent with both theories and practical ability for the industry and the country, strengthening the innovation and R&D capability in China’s advanced and sophisticated areas.”

On behalf of the BOZHON Postdoctoral Workstation, Doctor Meng Jian delivered a speech through video conference. He said “BOZHON is the earliest enterprise to own a postdoctoral workstation in Wujiang District, and this workstation has cultivated many doctors. Work in this workstation plays a significant role in promoting the development of the Company and the industry. I hope the workstation will explore more modes and establish more subjects to improve individual abilities and create more value for the enterprise during the process of subject research, achieving the win-win result.”

Section manager Yong Hong and Chen Chen stated successively that “relevant government departments would carry out close coordination with enterprises to jointly offer support for advanced talents’ life and growth in Wujiang, making the team of talent in Wujiang stronger.”

Later, Doctor Qiao Haiyu, Doctor Wang Mingyu and Doctor Wang Yanchao represented the opening report respectively.

This conference on opening report was held successfully. The official participation of the three doctors in BOZHON makes the PHD team of the Company stronger, which also marks the further strengthening of the cutting-edge scientific research force in BOZHON and the strengthening of competitiveness of the Company in relevant fields.

With a strong focus on the construction of high-end talent team, BOZHON has cultivated many outstanding talents for enterprises and the industry in succession since the establishment of postdoctoral workstation in 2016. In the future, the Company will explore more possible construction modes of postdoctoral workstation, and offer more favorable scientific research and living conditions so that these talents could fully bury themselves into scientific research and create more valuable research achievements for both enterprises and the industry.

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