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Apple and BOZHON Precision Industry jointly participated in the 1st China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE)

Date: 2023/12/01 Views: 561

From November 28 to December 2, the 1st China International Supply Chain Expo, sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, was held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Venue), Beijing. BOZHON Precision Industry, as a supply chain partner of Apple, was invited to participate in the exhibition and met the audience at the booth E3-A02.
Themed on "connecting the world for a shared future", the 1st China International Supply Chain Expo invited related industrial and supply chains from more than 50 countries and regions around the world and more than 500 world-renowned enterprises to display the latest achievements in scientific researches, technologies, equipment and applications, as well as the new trends of future development. More than 100,000 professional visitors were attracted to visit and purchase at this event.
BOZHON Precision Industry has been supplying automation equipment for Apple since 2010, which include a number of products from the initial stand-alone equipment to the current fully automatic intelligent flexible lines, are widely used in a variety of Apple products from Mac to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and so on. In recent years, more than 1000 types of equipment are delivered to Apple each year on average, with the quantity exceeding 10000 units.
Today, BOZHON Precision Industry's technologies and services have gone abroad to provide support for the global market. In its exhibition area, many purchasers from all over the world inquired about the products. This Expo fully demonstrated our company's strength and technological innovation capability in intelligent equipment manufacturing, further enhancing its brand influence and making a great contribution to our company's market development.

In this Expo, BOZHON Precision Industry focused on green intelligent manufacturing, bringing a wealth of products for the visitors:

HD UV inkjet printer

Specially developed for Apple, this device can utilize the UV inkjet process to support ultra-small font printing. By virtue of the advantages of high speed and high resolution, it replaces the traditional labeling and carbon tape printing, and the contents can be printed directly on iPhone’s packaging box. It is estimated that the removal of these labels can avoid the use of more than 300 tons of plastic and more than 150 tons of paper, thereby reducing more than 3,700 tons of carbon emissions.

Multifunctional visual inspection platform

The core components displayed in this equipment are independently developed by Linkhou Robot (a subsidiary of BOZHON Precision Industry) and have independent intellectual property rights. They can be used to detect whether the screws, glass and other parts of Apple products are defective, thereby strengthening quality management and preventing the defective products from flowing into the next step of the process. With the function of 90° side imaging, this platform can be used for the measurement and appearance inspection of long and thin materials. It can also utilize four orthogonal views to realize 360° all-round dimensional measurement and appearance inspection of four surfaces of the material. By replacing the previous complicated scheme that adopts four groups of cameras, it greatly reduces the input cost while improving the work efficiency. Besides, this detection scheme can realize interactive communication and collaboration with upstream and downstream equipment, thereby transmitting production data in a real-time manner and monitoring the whole process of production. During the process of cooperation with Apple, BOZHON Precision Industry has gradually possessed the independent research and development capability, realized the domestic replacement of core components, and continuously provided help for the development of China's manufacturing industry.

Stage evolution model of industrial intelligence

This set of models demonstrates the four development stages, namely, tooling fixtures and jigs, stand-alone equipment, semi-automatic equipment, fully automatic intelligent flexible lines, reflecting the rapid development process of industrial intelligence in recent years. Among them, the fully automatic intelligent flexible line is specially customized by BOZHON Precision Industry for Apple products, and enjoys the advantages of standardized and modular design. As a result, it can reduce iterative waste, improve the service life of the equipment, reduce the failure rate of the whole production line, and greatly save the maintenance costs. What’s more, the conversion of different sizes of products is very convenient, which can be customized according to customer needs and enjoy excellent flexibility.

In the 1st Supply Chain Expo, Apple joined hands with BOZHON Precision Industry and other supply chain partners to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating our innovation and development in intelligent and green manufacturing. In the future, our company will continuously set a foothold in the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and maintain the business concept of "pursuing excellence, harmony and win-win situation". Taking energy saving, emission reduction and ecological design as an important starting point for the sustainable development of our company, we will continuously give full play to the integration technology and R&D advantages of automation equipment systems, further realize the localization of more core components, work with customers to promote the development of China's supply chain and make contributions to the progress of China's manufacturing industry!

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