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Technological Innovation Solidifies the Foundation| Bozhon Honorably Won 2022 Jiangsu Technological Innovation Award

Date: 2023/01/10 Views: 2391

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department announced “The List of 2022 Jiangsu Technological Innovation Award Candidates, with Bozhon included as one of two award winners of Suzhou City. Winning Jiangsu Technological Innovation Award highly recognized Bozhons technological innovation R&D capability. 

Since and technology are the foundation for prosperity of country and innovation is the soul of national advance. It is understood that this award was set to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, fully mobilize and arouse scientific and technical personnels enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, persist in taking innovation as the top impetus for Jiangsus development, accelerate science and technology self-reliance, promote to build an independent and controllable modern industry system and focus on building a national important innovation, talent and industry highland.

The candidates must be enterprises with industry-leading scale and competitiveness, or high-growth sci-tech enterprises with strong technological innovation ability, strong competitive edge and demonstration effect in the segmented field. Enterprise should promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and develop major target products by virtue of technological innovation. The product should have main technical indexes up to international advanced level and strong market competitiveness, create significant economic benefit and play a critical role in industry technological advance and high-quality industry development.

Bozhon highly values independent scientific and technological innovation R&D capability and has adhered to the development path with market as the orientation, technological innovation as the core and project as the carrier for years. Presently, the group has established a R&D center in Suzhou, with semiconductor encapsulation process laboratory, electron beam precision control laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability laboratory, industrial control standardization laboratory, optional & mechanical and electronic integration laboratory, new type light source laboratory, ultraprecise machining laboratory and new energy laser equipment laboratory.   

The laboratories own nearly 10 sets of R&D laboratory equipment and mainly adopt advanced technologies for the manufacture of intelligent equipment to realize high speed and high precision and “flexibility and intelligence”. The laser laboratory is furnished with 250-6000W laser to meet the laser verification requirements for Lithium battery equipment (laser die cutting, adapter welding, top cap welding and sealing nail welding, etc.), and metallographic grinder, microscope and tensile tester to verify the quality, in order to offer strong technical support for R&D of lithium battery equipment.

The group has a mature and stable technological innovation team and input above 12% of revenue in R&D every year, reaching an industry leading level.

Through years of R&D input, Bozhon has obtained 1043 patents for invention (2 in Hong Kong, 3 in America and 1 in Germany), 1181 patents for utility models, 138 design patents and 2362 authorized patents, as well as 448 software copyrights by the end of 2022.

The group has been recognized by the state and the society by technical R&D capability and won over 10 national-level honors and over 30 provincial-level honors such as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Industrial Design Center, National Intelligent Property Demonstration Enterprise, National Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Product, National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Platform and National Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprise, etc.

In the future, Bozhon will not only continuously increase technological innovation R&D input and enhance research innovation ability, core competitiveness and driving force, but also make greater contributions to innovative development of the equipment manufacturing industry and scientific and technological innovation capability of Jiangsu Province.

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