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Vice-governor of Jiangsu Province Hu Guangjie and His Delegation Inspected Bozhon

Date: 2023/02/10 Views: 2611

On February 9, Vice-governor of Jiangsu Province Hu Guangjie and Head of the provincial Industry and Information Technology Department Zhu Aixun and the delegation inspected intelligent reconstruction and digital transformation of Bozhon. President of Bozhon Lv Shaolin, CEO Wang Xinhua, Marketing VP Dong Hao, Technology VP Yu Song and other company leaders received and accompanied the delegation.

In Bozhon Smart experience hall, Vice-governor Hu Guangjie had a detailed understanding of Bozhon’s development history, business scope and research innovation achievements. After that, Vice-governor Hu Guangjie inquired President Lv Shaolin Bozhons development goals and technical research direction in 2023 and spoke highly of Bozhons intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation work.

Vice-governor Hu Guangjie pointed out that enterprise should enhance confidence in development, further strengthen science and technology self-reliance, improve the localization rate of core components and realize independent and controllable key technologies in the high-level industry. The development of intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation of Jiangsu Provinces manufacturing industry cannot be separated from the support of enterprises like Bozhon. Jiangsu Province helps total system solution providers like Bozhon accelerate “intelligent reconstruction and digital transformation by special funds valued 1.2 billion Yuan in the form of subsidized loan and subsidy, etc.

China is one of countries that carried out digital and intelligent reform very early. The 20th CPC National Congress report stressed on accelerating the development of digital economy, promoting the deep integration of digital economy and substantial economy and building a digital industry cluster with international competitiveness. On December 30, 2022, the Peoples Government of Jiangsu Province released Three-Year Action Plan (2022-2024) for Intelligent Reconstruction and Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry of Jiangsu Province, specifying that Jiangsu will take advantage of digital economy to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in the coming three years.

After three years of effort, Jiangsu Province will significantly improve the digital, network and intelligent level of the manufacturing industry, greatly intensify new business type, new pattern and new energy, remarkably strengthen the comprehensive strength of the manufacturing industry and take the lead in building a high-quality development demonstration area of the national manufacturing industry. By the end of 2024, industrial enterprises above designated size will fully implement intelligent reconstruction and digital transformation and the average annual growth rate of labor productivity will exceed the value-added growth rate; the digitalization rate of key processes of key enterprises will reach 65%, the digital popularity rate of operation management will exceed 80% and the popularity rate of digital R&D and design aids will be approximate to 90%.

Bozhon Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 688097), founded in 2006, has established a R&D center and a 400,000m2 production base, specializes in the manufacture of industrial equipment and mainly engages in consumer electronics, digital new energy, high-end equipment and key component fields. It is a specialized brand that has engaged in industrial automation, intelligent equipment manufacturing and digital R&D and manufacture for over two decades, developed the automatic and digital equipment industry led by the global consumer electronics industry chain, and formed strong technical advantages in fundamental technologies for industrial automation and digitalization. Besides, Bozhon has rich practical experience in such fields as semiconductor and component. In recent years, the NEV industry boomed and the demand for Lithium battery equipment soared. Bozhon integrated rich experience into the automatic and digital equipment industry and strived for a new growth of main business. Presently, Bozhon has reached deep strategic cooperation with CATL, SVOLT, Turkey Kontrolmatik and J.S.

Bozhon has accumulated rich experience in the intelligent and digital equipment industry by virtue of mature and stable technological innovation team and R&D input accounting for above 12% of revenue.

Through years of R&D input, Bozhon has obtained 1043 patents for invention (2 in Hong Kong, 3 in America and 1 in Germany), 1181 patents for utility models, 138 design patents and 2362 authorized patents, as well as 448 software copyrights by the end of 2022.

The group has been recognized by the state and the society by technical R&D capability and won over 10 national-level honors and over 30 provincial-level honors such as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Industrial Design Center, National Intelligent Property Demonstration Enterprise, National Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Product, National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Platform and National Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprise, etc.

In the future, Bozhon will not only continuously develop the equipment manufacturing industry, increase technological innovation R&D input and constantly enhance research innovation capability, core competitiveness and driving force, but also make greater contributions to strengthening scientific and technological innovation ability of Jiangsu Province, promoting digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and pushing digital transformation of the manufacturing industry to a new high.

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