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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Released the List of “Green Factories”, with Bozhon Included!

Date: 2023/02/13 Views: 689

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Released 2022 List of Green Factories, with Bozhon included as one of five candidates of Suzhou City.

Its reported that this list was recommended by provincial-level department in charge of industry and information technology and reviewed by expert according to A Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Office about the Recommendation of 2022 General Factories and the principle of selecting the best among the best and putting quality before quantity, in order to implement “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” Green Development Plan, comprehensively carry out green manufacturing, and facilitate to achieve the goal of carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality.

Green factory is a comprehensive embodiment of energy conservation, consumption reduction and clean production of enterprise, and enterprises awarded Green Factory must make abundant achievements in the innovation and application of key technologies for green manufacturing and shoulder corporate social responsibility.

Bozhon, as one of leading high-end equipment manufacturers, has always adhered to green development idea, attached great importance to clean production and environmental protection, integrated ecological civilization construction and low-carbon environmental protection into all production and operation processes and taken energy conservation, emission reduction and ecological design as an important way of enterprise sustainable development.

As to production technology, Bozhon pursues intelligent and green production process; as to R&D, we values input and advocate ecological design idea; as to carbon reduction input, we implemented 1MW power station project in 2022, which efficiently used the 8000m2 building roof of Bozhon Science Park and 1580 550W photovoltaic modules, with station capacity up to 869KW. Within the 20-year operation period, this project will have a total generating capacity will be about 17,119,300KWh, equal to the annual electricity consumption of above 7000 Chinese households, save 6916t of standard coal, and reduce 17068t of CO2 emission, 514t of SO2 emission and 257t of oxynitride emission.

In the future, Bozhon will continuously promote the construction of a green manufacturing system, integrate company resources, energy sources and materials and form an intelligent energy management platform based on intelligent production and refined management, constantly dig the potential of green manufacturing, attain sustainable development of energy conservation, emission reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency improvement in the production and operation process and contribute to achieve the national goal of carbon neutrality through applying energy-saving technology, upgrading environmental protection equipment and effectively using clean energy sources.

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