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SSD Automatic Test Line

Production line for:SSD automatic test line
The main process description: automatic loading and unloading, visual alignment, automatic insertion and extraction, automatic alignment test, carrier reflow mode.
The main production is composed of four units:Material automatic loading and unloading unit composition;Robot automatic alignment assembly unit composition;The whole machine automatic test unit composition;The assembly line is composed of automatic reflow unit.

  • Automation level
    Fully automated
  • Line efficiency UPH
  • Yield rate
  • Occupied space
    L30m * W3m * H1.8m
  • Strong stability: by upgrading and iterating the production line and continuously optimizing the structural design, we can improve the stability of production line operation and reduce the failure rate.

  • Strong flexibility: the production line is not only compatible with a variety of types of products, but also can do a quick changeover.

  • Customized design: according to the specific requirements of customers, combined with the production line process, customized design to meet different needs function.

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