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Standard High-definition UV Printing Machine

Standard High-definition UV Printing Machine, is integrated with NFC reading, camera positioning detection, plasma surface treatment, UV curing, laser measurement, NG reject & reflow and other multifunctional all-in-one inkjet printers, complete inkjet automation, reduce the waste of ribbons and labels, such as paper and other consumables, streamlining the box surface dealing procedures; The equipment adopts non-contact UV inkjet printing, which has no special requirements on the surface of product materials and product size; the printing effect is full and glossy, with good stereoscopic touch sensation, meanwhile the printing accuracy tolerance can reach to ±0.01mm; the equipment can be dynamically printed in real time, and the printing template and dynamic serial number can be customised according to customer requirements, which is convenient for information traceability; when printing products with different batch numbers or different contents, the software performs a one-key switch to run quickly, which streamlines the time and manpower required for sorting. In addition, the equipment is equipped with printhead cleaners and regular maintenance manuals and checklists to ensure that the printheads are in good condition and production is stable.

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  • Line efficiency UPH
  • Yield
  • Accuracy Error
  • Occupied space
    L2m * W1m * H1.7m
  • High productivity
    High product yields

  • Easy maintenance of equipment
    Equipped with printhead cleaner
    Ensure the printhead in good condition
    Production Stability

  • Good product compatibility
    Suitable for most common materials
    Can print on different sizes and shapes

  • All-in-one UV inkjet process
    Printing automation
    Reduced waste of consumables

  • Wechat scan

  • Official video Number