Product Applications

Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Equipment
Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment
EV Battery Swapping Station
Automotive Parts Manufacturing Equipment
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Smart Warehouse & Logistics

1Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

Consumer electronic manufacturing equipment, mainly automation equipment that replaces human hands and eyes. It can convert customized needs of customers into solutions and replicate them in energy production, helping the production of consumer electronic products to be more efficient and smarter, and making human life smarter and better.
Products include High-precision assembly, High-precision bonding, Precision Measurement/Inspection, Leak Test Machine and other process equipment,Flexible Automatic Assembly and Testing Line, Fixtures matched with Equipment, and supporting logistics systems

  • Three-dimensional warehouse

    Leak Test Machine

    Metrology Measurement equipment

    Precision Riveting

    Transmission lines

    High temperature furnace


    High Precision Loading/Unloading

    Precision Dispensing

    High-speed assembly equipment

    Precision Welding

    Precision Dispensing

    Metrology Measurement equipment

    Robot Integration

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2Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment

As a leading manufacturer and service provider of lithium-ion battery intelligent equipment, BOZHON provides lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment and battery whole line turn-key solutions for well-known battery customers at home and abroad

  • High Temperature Warehouse

    Formation System

    Final Sealing Machine

    Grading System

    Normal Temperature Warehouse

    OCV Testing Machine

    Sorting Machine

    Filling Machine

    Cell Baking Line

    Cell Assembly Line

    Cutting and Stacking Machine

    Laser Die Cutting and Slitting Machine

    Rolling Machine

    Coating Machine

    Batching and Pulping System

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3EV Battery Swapping Station

Smart Charging and Battery Exchanging product center provides a full range of services from electric vehicle charging and battery exchanging station equipment integration, EPC general contracting and user training, and can support the construction of 10 charging and battery exchanging stations at the same time. The business focuses on Smart Charging and Battery Exchanging Station for Passenger Cars and Commercial Cars, charging piles, intelligent station control systems, cloud platform systems, commercial vehicle battery boxes and bottom brackets.

  • Smart Charging and Battery Exchanging Station for Passenger Cars

    Smart Charging and Battery Exchanging Station for Commercial Cars

    Energy Storage Station

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4Automotive Parts Manufacturing Equipment

BOZHON has accumulated vast technical advantages and project experiences in the fields of drive motor assembly & testing, automotive electronic parts manufacturing, industrial control assembly & testing, etc. It provides diversified and intelligent process solutions for automotive and industrial control customers at home and abroad

  • Automotive structural partsSteering system production line
    Exhaust catalyst conveying line
    Seat Assembly Test Equipment
    Gas spring production line
    Scissor Jack Production Line

    Automotive Electric Drive ControlsMotor production line
    Controller production line

    Automotive electrical and electronic partsRelay production line
    Vehicle sensor production line
    Vehicle camera production line

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5Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Bozhon Semiconductor mainly engaged in the semiconductor optical related equipment research and development、manufacture 、and sales business,such as Full-automatic high-precision eutectic machine、High-speed and high-precision die bonder、AOI equipment for chip appearance detection and we also carry on the trade business of related materials. Provide customers with complete optical testing solutions through standardized operation, which greatly improves the process control ability in semiconductor industry. Details

  • Application materials: Backside
    Protection Film
    Debonding Film

    Application materials: Silane,O3

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6Smart Warehouse & Logistics

BOZHON Smart Logistics BU is a leading provider of smart logistics system solutions in China, providing customers with a "turnkey" one-stop service of consultation, system design and program, equipment customization, control and software system development, installation and debugging, system integration even up to customer training. Details

  • Robotic arm


    Life station



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